FSSAI Registration & License

The Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 is an Act enacted to improve the hygiene and quality of food in India and regulate the functioning of Food Business Operators (FBOs). Under the Act, a food business can operate in India without FSSAI license or FSSAI registration. All food manufacturing, processing, packaging or distributing business is required to obtain FSSAI License or Registration. FSSAI License is issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

To start a food business in India, it is mandatory to get FSSAI license irrespective of the annual turnover of the business. FSSAI Registration or License number is a 14-digit number that must be printed on all food packages produced, processed, packed or distributed by the FBO. The FSSAI License must also be displayed on the premises of the FBO. There are three kinds of FSSAI licenses- FSSAI registration, State FSSAI license and Central FSSAI license based upon the annual turnover and production capacity of the business.

FSSAI Registration & License Online

Documents required for FSSAI Registration

  1. Aadhaar card of the business owner
  2. Declaration about the business place
  3. Details about business activities
  4. Details about turnover of the business

Additional Documents required for FSSAI License

  1. Address proof like the electricity bill, house rent receipt,
  2. MOA/AOA / Partnership deed, as applicable
  3. Factory Blueprint
  4. List of Machinery
  5. Other relevant documents, as applicable

Process of FSSAI Registration & License

After the requisite documents are submitted, an application is drafted and filed with the FDA for approval. The documents are verified and general inspections take place regularly by the authority within 20-30 days. After all the verifications and inspections, the license or registration is completed.


What is FSSAI License?
FSSAI License is the permission required by a business before starting any food business in India.
What are the various categories of FSSAI license?
FSSAI has the following 3 categories based on annual turnover of the business: 1. FSSAI Registration, when the annual turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakhs. 2. FSSAI State License, when the annual turnover is more than Rs. 12 lakhs and less than Rs. 20 crores. 3. FSSAI Central License, when the annual turnover is more than Rs. 20 crores.
What are the categories of FSSAI license based on production capacity?
On the basis of production capacity the FSSAI license is categorised as: 1. FSSAI Registration for 100 kgs per day. 2. FSSAI State License for 100 kgs to 2 mt tons per day. 3. FSSAI Central License for more than 2 mt tons per day.
Who is required to get FSSAI License?
FSSAI License is mandatory for all food business operators as well as all manufacturers, repackers, traders, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, transporters, importers & exporters.
Which authority issues FSSAI license?
FSSAI application has to be filed online along with physical submission of documents to the nearest FSSAI office.
What is the validity of a FSSAI license?
The FSSAI License is valid for a period of 5 years or till it is canceled by the FSSAI. An application for renewal must be made before the expiry of the License. It can be renewed for a maximum period of five years.
Is there any License fee under FSSAI?
Yes, the FSSAI License fee is charged on an annual basis. An applicant may make an application for a period ranging from 1-5 years. The fee for State License is Rs. 2000 every year, whereas the fee for an application for central License is Rs. 7500 per year.
Can multiple stores be operated with one License?
The separate license needs to be issued on each location basis on their annual turnover.
Is a license from FSSAI mandatory for the manufacture of food additives?
Yes, whether you manufacture, distribute, transport or trade food additives, you will need an FSSAI license.
How much time is taken for FSSAI Registration?
FSSAI registration usually takes around 20-40 days at the FDA to get finalised.