Share Transfer

Share Transfer

 Timeline: 10 working days
 Package Inclusions
  • Drafting of required documents
  • Filing of forms
 Documents Required
  • List of shareholders
 Process Details
  • Document verification
  • Filing of forms
 Key Advantages
  • Defined Ownership- clearly define the ownership in terms of shares held by every person involved in the business
  1. When might the company issue new shares?
    A company typically issues new shares to raise funds for its business, or to achieve some other business objective.
  2. Do we have to offer new shares to existing shareholders first?
    Yes, the shareolders must be given first refusal on any issue of new shares, in proportion to their existing holdings.
  3. What is a share transfer?
    A share transfer is the process by which an existing shareholder sells (or gives) one or more of their existing shares to a new owner.

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