Register Section 8 Company

Register Section 8 Company

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An NGO or non-governmental organisation is a not-for-profit entity that works for a particular cause. They particularly focus on a social cause or on the welfare and upliftment of poor and deprived sections of the society, the underpriviged, protection of environment, promoting and creating awareness of any cause/ activity and likewise purposes. Other than these, NGOs may also be working for political or religious purposes. NGO's do not earn any profit/ dividend and instead whatever funds they get or collect have to be utilised for their objects and must be reinvested toward the cause. NGO's recieve funds from various organisations and indiciduals. In India, an NGO can be set up as a trust, section-8 company or a society. A section-8 company requires two members for a private limited company and seven members to register it as a public limited company. Section 8 companies are supervised by the Registrar of Companies as well as the commissioner of the relevant state where they are set up. It may take up to 75 days to register a Section-8 company.
 Timeline: 15-20 Working days
 Package Inclusions
  • DSC
  • DIN
  • Company Name Approval
  • MoA
  • AoA
  • Filing of Forms
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Section 8 Company License
 Documents Required
  • Address Proof - (Bank Statement/Passbook, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill – Any One (Should not be older than two months)
 Process Details
  • Obtaining DSC & DIN
  • Filing Name Application
  • Creating and filing of documents with RoC
  • Filing application for PAN & TAN
 Key Advantages
  • No Share Capital- These companies can be formed with or without share capital where necessary funds for running the business is brought in the form of donation and subscriptions.
  • Easy Transfer of Ownership- The shares and interest of any member of the company is easily transferable
  • Limited Liability- Shareholders are legally responsible for the debts of the company only to the extent of the nominal value of their share
  • Uninterrupted Existence- The business has separate legal entity and there is continuity even if any of the shareholders die
  • Not required to add suffix(Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd.)
  1. How many days it takes for incorporating a Section 8 company?
    Generally, it takes 60-75 working days.
  2. Is Physical presence required for incorporation of Section 8 Company?
    The entire procedure is online and you don’t have to be present at any office for incorporation.
  3. Can Foreign nationals become a director in a Section 8 Company?
    Yes, after acquiring DIN/DPIN an NRI or Foreign national can become a designated partner in Section 8 Company though atleast one designated partner must be a resident of India.
  4. What is the minimum number of Directors required to form a Section 8 Company?
    A minimum of 2 directors to register a Section 8 Company.

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