File Patent

File Patent

 Timeline: 12-15 working days
 Package Inclusions
  • Drafting of application
  • Filing of application
 Documents Required
  • Filled application form
  • Power of Attorney on non-judicial stamp paper of INR 100
  • Complete specification of invention
 Process Details
  • Drafting of application
  • Filing of application
 Key Advantages
  • Exclusive Right- Patent registration provides exclusvie right to use the invention for 20 years
  • Creation of asset- Intellectual Property is considered as a very important asset of any business
  • Ability to sell- You can transfer or assign your patent to others and reap the benefits
  1. What can be patented?
    A patentable invention can be any (1) Art, process, method or manner of manufacture, (2) Machine, apparatus or other articles, (3) Substances produced by manufacturing, (4) Computer software with technical application to industry or used with Hardware, and (5) Product patent for food, chemicals, medicines and drugs
  2. What is the validity of a patent?
    A patent is valid for 20 years
  3. Do I have to completly disclose my invention during the patent registation process?
    Yes, in order to get the patent you will have to disclose all the details of your invention
  4. Do I get worldwide protection for my patent?
    A patent granted in India is applicable only in India i.e a patent owner cannot exercise his rights outside India. If the patent owner wants to get protection in countries outside India then they can apply for the same in other countries within 12 months of getting a patent in India.

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