We have developed plant-based (eco-friendly/natural) cleaning products (floor cleaners, dish wash soap, laundry detergent etc) and are ready to launch the products in the market. We are a sole proprietorship registered in Pune. The manufacturing is happening through a facility in Pune which is FDA approved. We are unsure what regulations or licenses are required to run a business in this segment which also extends to knowing what information should be going on label/packaging, if any, for these products.Read More

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I am starting a startup. What would be the process and costs associated with the following: 1 Non-Disclosure Agreement 2 Trademark Registration and Copyright 3 Startup Consultation 4 Raising Seed Funding 5 Employee agreement 6 Co-founders agreement 7 Private Limited Company RegistrationRead More

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I want to start a start-up for making fuel from plastic waste. Can I start is this?Read More

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