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Answered on 28 Sep 2018

The best legal option for you in such case is to send a legal notice to the seller stating your issue and ask for your money back. You can consult a good consumer case lawyer to send a legal notice to Lenskart. The lawyer will mention the requisite particulars like the details of the seller, your details, details of the purchase made, the invoice or payment receipt, the issue faced by you and the relief sought from Lenskart, giving them a period of 30 days to take appropriate steps to solve your grievance.  In case the seller fails to send a reply to your legal notice, you can ask your consumer case advocate to file a consumer complaint in the district consumer forum of the area where you reside. The consumer protection lawyer will guide you about the entire process of the consumer complaint and represent you the court to claim compensation for the damages caused by the company.  READ: How To File A Consumer Complaint In Consumer Forum in India? Read More

Posted on 24 Sep 2018 | 1 Answer