An FIR was registered against me regarding section 160 IPC. After Paying the fine in courts, the data is shown in court records and police station. Will it create any problem for getting a student visa?Read More

Posted on 16 Feb 2020 | No Answers Yet

I had a case under Sec 27(b) in 2017 because they found some weed waste from my car. I got a summons and even though I couldn't go, and I've paid the fine in the court with help of a lawyer in 2018 which was the date given by the Police to pay the fine. Will this case affect my Police Clearance Certificate to Canada? Will it be an issue? I don't have any other recorded cases.Read More

Posted on 18 Feb 2020 | No Answers Yet

My parents-in-law are undocumented immigrants, currently living in the US. They want to move back to their country, so we would like to know how complicated the procedure is since their (minor) children are American citizens? I'd be really thankful if you could help us understand the process because we are getting familiar with the procedure.Read More

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I am from India and want to apply for a dependent visa of the United Kingdom. I have stayed in the Middle East - Kuwait Aug 2006 till April 2017. I got my Police Clearance Certificate from Kuwait. However, there is a spelling mistake in my surname. In Police Clearance Certificate my surname is printed as “Dace” instead of “Pace”. The error is due to a misspelling in my surname in all residency visa issues on my passport till April 2017 And Police Clearance Certificate is based on information based on residency visa. The correction can only be done for persons present in Kuwait, In my case, the residency visa file is closed as I have left Kuwait in April 2017 and no corrections can be made on closed residency visa file.Read More

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