My neighbours constantly have late-night music going on which is a nuisance. Despite police complaints, they still do the same. What's the best way to get them evicted legally?Read More

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How can I get a conversion certificate from court to change name and religion in the gazette?Read More

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Recently our civil suit about our property was settled amicably. Is there any stamp duty or fees to be paid to the Court to get a certified copy of the decree? What's the procedure to get the certified copy of the decree/judgement?Read More

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In a multi-tenant mobile tower located on a private rooftop who has to obtain SACFA clearance?Read More

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I am 53-year-old working in central government, joined in group-C and promoted group-A before 40 years. My salary is around 15 lakh per annum. Is my son is eligible for OBC -NCL? As per the order, I understood that if someone joining in group-C getting promoted to Group-A and their wards are eligible for OBC-NCL eligibility. On the salary part, it is said that income from salary and agricultural income should not be considered as an income. Bcoz my son request has been denied during application. Note. I don't have any other income other than salary and wife is a housewife and no income.Read More

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My tenant didn't pay the electricity bill. Meter is on my name. Also, there is no rent agreement. My tenant took my office on lease in 2012 for 1 year. That time he made an agreement for 11 months. I forget to add the clause about who is paying utility bills. The connection is on my name. My mistake after 2013 I never asked him to renew/make a rent agreement. Everything was verbally. In 2018 Oct/Nov the meter was removed by the electricity company for non-payment. Later he paid the whole bill in December and told me he will give request for reconnection. But he didn't. My mistake I should have done that by myself because the meter is on my name. He left the office in November 2019 By clearing his other bills. I even asked him if he has paid the electricity bill he said yes. I have paid him his security by deducting 1500 for last month electricity. One more thing I also asked him to write a letter that he has left the office and I have paid him security by deducting 1500 for electricity for November 2019. Now in Feb 2020, I got to know the meter is removed and the connection is permanently disconnected by BSES and never restored back after full payment.Read More

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Air force Is not giving any salary due to eligibility certificate but MoD does not issue certificate reason I am from Nepal my education is in India. Please what I should do.Read More

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My father stood as a Guarantor for a bail in 2002. He doesn't remember the sections under which the accused had been charged (it was relating to a dispute between landlord and tenants). The accused has not been in touch with my father for over 15 years and his whereabouts are unknown. His uncle who was my father's colleague has also passed away a few years back. Now my father has received a summon to appear before the court as the accused has not turned up on court dates. What are the ramifications of the same.Read More

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The original suit was filed six months ago. Summons has been sent to the parties and they appeared, now they replied that the court fee is not submitted so the case is to be disposed. Is this right?Read More

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