Shagun Srivastava | Legistify

Shagun Srivastava
Answered on 27 Mar 2020

You can file for divorce if you do not wish to live with her and get away from blackmail. Or else you can file a police complaint against your wife under crpc and for mental harassmentRead More

Posted on 24 Mar 2020 | 2 Answers

Sakshi Yadav | Legistify

Sakshi Yadav
Answered on 26 Mar 2020

You have already hired an Advocate regarding your issue he/she will guide for further course of action regarding your issue. Else, you can take a consult from the other Advocate also for the second opinion.Read More

Posted on 24 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

Saachi Khurana | Legistify

Saachi Khurana
Answered on 23 Mar 2020

Married man can have live in relationship with an unmarried woman which does not attract the charge of adultery. The wife of the man can file a divorce suit on the ground of cruelty based on the above conduct of the married man.Read More

Posted on 21 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

Team Legistify | Legistify

Team Legistify
Answered on 22 Mar 2020

You need to file a contested divorce against your wife on the grounds of her extramarital affair. You can also deny any maintenance to her since she becomes ineligible to claim any maintenance or alimony from you.Read More

Posted on 10 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

Sakshi Yadav | Legistify

Sakshi Yadav
Answered on 16 Mar 2020

You need an Advocate for your query as you have stated your wife is having an extramarital affair. You need to prove this in Court to get a divorce and for that, you need a properly detailed consult with an expert Lawyer.Read More

Posted on 03 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

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Prashant yadav
Answered on 18 Mar 2020

In Muslim law, the wife can claim divorce under extrajudicial or judicial modes. The extrajudicial modes are Talaaq-i-tafweez and Lian. The judicial mode is by Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939. The act defines the grounds for divorce and the procedure for the purpose.The right to a child’s custody is given solely to a mother unless she is seen as an unfit guardian. This is called the right of hizanat and can be enforced against any person.Read More

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Tanya Mahajan | Legistify

Tanya Mahajan
Answered on 21 Mar 2020

As per Hindu Personal laws, a second marriage without ending the first marriage would be null and void. If a Hindu Man or Woman wishes to remarry while their existing spouse is alive the only way to go about doing the same is to get a valid divorce.Read More

Posted on 21 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

Advocate Rajeev Srivastava | Legistify

Advocate Rajeev Srivastava
Answered on 08 Mar 2020

First of all you should send a reply to your husband's legal notice wherein you should deny all the allegations putting upon you by your husband and asked him to furnish details and documentary proofs. You can also ask your husband about the terms and conditions of the compromise. It will be very helpful for you in court proceedings. You should convey your willingness to ready to live still with him and ready to forget all the past harassment and cruelty of the husband and his other family members.Read More

Posted on 06 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

Karishma Pandit | Legistify

Karishma Pandit
Answered on 08 Mar 2020

Adultery law in India. Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code was a section dealing with adultery. However, this section has been scrapped and no legal action can be taken for extramarital affair apart from a divorce case.Read More

Posted on 29 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

Karishma Pandit | Legistify

Karishma Pandit
Answered on 27 Feb 2020

Depending on the laws of your state, if you admit to adultery or your spouse proves adultery it can affect the terms of your divorce decree. In some other states, the adulterous spouse may receive less marital property in the divorce settlement than she would otherwise be entitled to.Read More

Posted on 26 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer