Saachi Khurana | Legistify

Saachi Khurana
Answered on 27 Mar 2020

In such case if amount has been paid to the e-commerce website you can file a online consumer case against the same company or send a legal notice to the company's registered address.Read More

Posted on 24 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

Aditya Dua | Legistify

Aditya Dua
Answered on 23 Mar 2020

In such a case you can send them a legal notice and if they do not refund the amount or send the product, then you can file a consumer case against themRead More

Posted on 16 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

Aditya Dua | Legistify

Aditya Dua
Answered on 21 Mar 2020

In such cases, wait till 7-10 business days, your amount will be reverted if not then you can file an online consumer complaint with them. In case you need further assistance you can consult an expert advocate.Read More

Posted on 16 Mar 2020 | 1 Answer

Arshi Noor | Legistify

Arshi Noor
Answered on 12 Nov 2019

You can file a complaint against Redbus at Voxya in the consumer court with the help of a consumer complaint lawyer in India.Read More

Posted on 11 Nov 2019 | 2 Answers

Aayushi Sang | Legistify

Aayushi Sang
Answered on 17 Jul 2019

Firstly, in the case of online frauds inform your bank immediately. Also, On the basis of the facts that you've mentioned, it is apparent that you are a victim of online fraud. You must consult a good cyber crime lawyer to take more stringent action against the fraud. The lawyer will guide you about the legal procedure to follow to file an online fraud complaint and recover your money. READ: Lodging A Complaint Against E-Commerce Sites You can consult our top consumer protection lawyer in India who will guide you for the same.Read More

Posted on 12 Jul 2019 | 2 Answers

Team Legistify | Legistify

Team Legistify
Answered on 13 Dec 2019

You complain to the online selling website. If there is no response and they fail to provide a solution, you should file a complaint in the consumer forum with help of an experienced advocate and the chances are that you will get a favorable ruling in this case.Read More

Posted on 10 Nov 2019 | 1 Answer

Sakshi Yadav | Legistify

Sakshi Yadav
Answered on 04 Dec 2019

You can file a consumer complaint against the company directly by hiring a consumer case Advocate for the same. Firstly, he will send a legal notice to them and if they fail to reply to the legal notice, then you can proceed with the Legal Action against them.Read More

Posted on 02 Dec 2019 | 1 Answer

Team Legistify | Legistify

Team Legistify
Answered on 27 Nov 2019

The next legal step which you can take is to file an FIR against the service provider as the act of changing your parts amounts to fraud and theft which is a criminal offence. Post which, if the service provider is not willing to compensate you for the losses, the next step would be to proceed with a criminal case against him.Read More

Posted on 11 Nov 2019 | 1 Answer

Akshita Sodhi | Legistify

Akshita Sodhi
Answered on 13 Nov 2019

You can call us on our helpline no. 846-883-3013 to get legal advice from expert advocates. Moreover, it depends on the refund policy of the service provider as well whether you will get the refund or not. Exchanged emails and messages between you and your service provider are needed further to assist you in your case.Read More

Posted on 13 Nov 2019 | 1 Answer

Shagun Srivastava | Legistify

Shagun Srivastava
Answered on 12 Nov 2019

Firstly, you need to file a complaint online on the company's website and wait for redressal. If they fail to provide the solution then you file the consumer forum complaint within the jurisdiction and redressal will be provided to you.Read More

Posted on 08 Nov 2019 | 1 Answer