I got in touch with an individual on Upwork and he took the money but didn't provide me with the work he did. He took away all the access and everything and is now not giving the money back or the code. I wanted to understand even the jurisdiction which will fall for this. I am from Mumbai and he is from Mohali.Read More

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Team Legistify | Legistify

Team Legistify
Answered on 11 Nov 2019

In this case, if the bank files any recovery case against you, you can ask the court that you are not denying the facts and you will pay the loan amount, and ask some time for the same.Read More

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Tanya Mahajan | Legistify

Tanya Mahajan
Answered on 13 Nov 2019

Legally, if the son gets into debt, they are solely responsible for that debt unless you have co-signed the loan or credit agreement with the father. The court will consider all the recordingRead More

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I have taken loan INR 27368/-from PaySense App and my EMI is INR 3913 dt 5th of every month for 12 months. I have paid first EMI bt the 2nd EMI I could not pay as I have no fund at this time I requested them that I can pay at end of December 2019 but they have sent an email & SMS under section 138 instrument act. What can I do?Read More

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I took an education loan of Rs. 1,75,000 from Central Bank of India in 2013. After that, the bank never contacted me. Now they called me in Oct 2019 regarding repayment of the loan. I am willing to pay back but they added interest and made the total amount around Rs. 2,90,000. Is there any way that I do not have to pay the interest. I was negligent but the bank also didn't contact me for 6 years for loan repayment.Read More

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One of my ex-employees were working in my company and during his work, he took money from me on the grounds of a family issue, operation of wife, buying software for the company, etc apart from the salary each month because I was living in the different city. I want to register FIR and take legal action. What should be steps?Read More

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Riya Chopra | Legistify

Riya Chopra
Answered on 08 Nov 2019

It would have been more helpful if you would have mentioned the nature of financial fraud, your relationship with the organisation. Based on the same I would have explained to you how financial fraud can affect you directly. Although in case a financial fraud has been committed by the directors of executives of the company, a direct criminal liability arises for them. You can proceed with the help of a corporate lawyer in India.Read More

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'A' gave loan to 'B' via NEFT without loan agreement for Rs. 4 Lakhs. 'A' later filed a police complaint against 'B' for not paying Loan instalments. 'B' acknowledges the loan in the police station and promises to pay it back within one year which will end on 22-11-2019. Now 'A' has the following:- 1) 2 Blank cheque signed by 'B'. 2) Knowledge of 'B's' property that is registration number of his car, registration number of his bike and CERSAI reports of the same. 3) Place of employment of 'B'. What action 'A' can take for recovery of loan?Read More

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Akshita Sodhi | Legistify

Akshita Sodhi
Answered on 08 Nov 2019

The limitation period to file a legal notice to start a civil suit at DRT for recovery of money is 3 years from the date of the last payment made or the acknowledgment of debt by the debtor. A civil suit acts as an effective remedy to recover money. There is no time period to proceed to criminal proceedings.Read More

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Sakshi Yadav | Legistify

Sakshi Yadav
Answered on 03 Nov 2019

You can send a legal notice by hiring a consumer case lawyer who is an expert in international laws. Read More

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