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Team Legistify
Answered on 28 Sep 2018

It is advisable to make contract on Stamp paper as Bombay Stamp Duty Act states that - Except transfer by Will (or by original nomination in a Co­operative housing society) all transfer documents including agreements to sell, conveyance deed, gift deed, mortgage deed, exchange deed, deed of partition, power of attorneys, leave and licence agreement, agreement of tenancy, lease deeds, power of attorney to sell for consideration, etc. have to be properly stamped before registration. Read More

Posted on 18 Sep 2016 | 1 Answer

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Saachi Khurana
Answered on 12 Nov 2019

The agreement can be made between the parties by customising the clauses in the same. There is commission agreement as well which can be done between the parties. The agreement is called the Contract Between Three Parties For International Sale And Commission for the services provided by your company.Read More

Posted on 04 Sep 2019 | 1 Answer

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Aditya Dua
Answered on 19 Oct 2019

The Basic difference between offer and Acceptance is: an offer is made by a party to you whereas you will be the one who Accepts or Reject the offer. Counter offer is made against the offer by you.Read More

Posted on 10 Oct 2019 | 1 Answer

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Aditya Dua
Answered on 30 Mar 2020

Yes, you can take the assistance of an expert advocate and get a proper service agreement drafted keeping in mind the laws of both the land as well as international laws.Read More

Posted on 16 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

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Tanya Mahajan
Answered on 26 Dec 2019

You can file a legal consumer case against the manufacturer. The main objectives of the Act are to provide better and all round protection to consumers and effective safeguards against different types of exploitation such as defective goods, deficient services and unfair trade practices.Read More

Posted on 02 Aug 2019 | 1 Answer

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Advocate Kanchana Patil
Answered on 01 Mar 2020

You can send a legal notice to the manufacturer, and if remedy is provided, you can proceed with a legal action for breach of contract.Read More

Posted on 26 Feb 2020 | 1 Answer

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Shagun Srivastava
Answered on 23 Jan 2020

Yes, the agreement signed through OTP is a valid agreement. As e-agreement signed through the internet is signed as a legally binding agreement. For the signing of the agreement if OTP sent will be considered as valid agreement.Read More

Posted on 22 Jan 2020 | 1 Answer

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Advocate Vabhav
Answered on 12 May 2019

With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) The Contract by a minor is void (2) Minor is not bound by the terms of the Contract (3) If no involvement of guardian of a minor is there, the guardian cannot be held liable for any consequences of such agreement. (4) Your query shows that the Contract has been executed and signed only by your minor son and you have no role in Contract. (5) No amount of any penalty in persuance of such void Contract can be recovered either from your minor son or from you.Read More

Posted on 09 May 2019 | 1 Answer

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Team Legistify
Answered on 11 Oct 2019

Cross offers:  These are the offers that party make to each other in ignorance of each others offer. Cross offers are identical. In the case of cross offers, no binding contract will be created and the offer could not be said to have been accepted by any of the party. Ex:  A writes a letter to B offering him his bike for Rs 100. At the same time B writes a letter to making a similar offer to buy his bike for Rs 100. Offers of both A and B cross each other. Such offers do not constitute to acceptance of one's offer by the other. Counter Offer: On the other hand, in counter offer there is a rejection of the original offer and a new offer is made that needs acceptance by the original promisor before a contract can be made. Ex:  X offers Y his bike for Rs 100. Y rejects the offer and offers A to buy his bike for Rs 80. Such an offer is known as the counter offer.Read More

Posted on 23 Aug 2019 | 1 Answer

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Karishma Pandit
Answered on 10 Oct 2019

If you are not satisfied with the brokerage firm, you can raise an online complaint with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) online. Consult a corporate lawyer in India to file your complaint.Read More

Posted on 20 Sep 2019 | 1 Answer