Wife Threatening With Suicide If I Don't Accept Her Demands

I am married for 2 years. After marriage me and my wife are living with my parents in the house owned by my parents. Within 6 months of my marriage, my wife started picking up a quarrel with me because I didn't buy the diamond earrings which were suggested by her father and didn't apply for a loan of Rs. 55 lakhs as asked by her father. She didn't eat or sleep properly for the next 10 months and kept quarrelling with me that I do not trust her and her father and if I had trusted them I would have done what was asked out of me. During the course, my younger sister lost her husband and moved back to her father's place and she lives on the ground floor of the housing complex (ground + 2 floors). The quarrel intensified and my wife started abusing me and accusing me that, I am eyeing the house which is being built by her father and that I do not want to put any effort to earn the same. In August this year, she threatened to commit suicide and called her parents and left the house with them. After discussion for 5 hours, her father took her to his house assuring that he would counsel her and send her back. Its been 5 months she has left her matrimonial house and there have been calls from my wife that she wants to return but with a condition such as everything that I converse with my parents has to be informed to her. I have to take permission before talking to my parents and sister. I shouldn't inquire about her going to her parent's house whenever she likes to. After 5 months she is now calling me for a discussion and I have put a condition that I want her parents also to be present at the meeting. Please advise if I am going in the right direction and what should be my next course of action.

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It is advised to opt for mediation with your wife or counselling to resolve your matter.

Answered on 02 Mar 2020

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