Representation And Legal Notice In Matter By Different Lawyers

Can one lawyer send a legal notice and a different (another) lawyer file a case (say eg. in 138 NI Act)?

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Team Legistify

Team Legistify

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Yes, you can hire a lawyer to send a legal notice and another lawyer for representing your legal matter. If you have a cheque bounce case where drawer send a cheque of payment, fee, salary, etc., to the drawee due to insufficient amount in the account. You can first send a legal notice to the defaulter within 15 days of receiving the cheque return memo. The legal notice should be drafted by a good cheque bounce lawyer in India with all the details of the matter.

Ater serving the legal notice, if the defaulter makes the payment with 15 days, the case ends right there. But, if the defaulter fails to do so then you can file a case against the defaulter through same lawyer or another lawyer. As per our Indian laws a person has the right to change a lawyer at any point of his legal matter.

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Answered on 14 Feb 2019

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Advocate Kartik Khandwal | Legistify

Advocate Kartik Khandwal

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Yes, one lawyer can send a legal notice and another lawyer file a case in 138 NI Act.

Answered on 02 Jul 2019

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