RCR Petition Against Husband Who Filed Divorce On False Grounds

My husband filed for divorce on false allegations like me beating him and spending his money and misused the affidavit to save him from domestic violence in the USA as evidence for cruelty done to him and left for the USA. I want to file RCR and I’m not ok with the divorce. What is the prediction and options for me? We had an abortion together and his family is provoking him to discard me and it’s insensitive and unfair to me.

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Saachi Khurana

  • Sector-1, Noida
  1. File petition for RCR under section 9 of HMA.
  2. Seek maintenance from husband if there are substantial differences in your income
  3. In divorce petition filed by husband file detailed reply denying the allegations made in a divorce petition
  4. Seek interim maintenance from husband

Answered on 31 Mar 2020

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