Possession Given But Title Not Transferred By Builder

We are living in an apartment with 200 flats and the apartment association was formed 3 years back under flat owners 1960 act. Last year, builder did the handover of the property documents to the running MC of our apartment with a formal meeting. But the title of the land is still not transferred to the association and the common area electricity meters are still in the builder's name. We have completed almost 80% khata transfer for the owners and the remaining 20% is still not yet happened. Just need to understand what is the legal procedure to safeguard our property and trasfer the title deed to our association name. Builders did not make any deed of the declaration during the sell of this property on the sale deed was executed. Please suggest what is the correct methord to get this trasferred in a legal and transparent way.

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Title is transferred by Registry of the property. Your builder needs to get the title registry done for the flat.

Answered on 31 Mar 2020

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