PIL For The Same Subject Matter After Special Leave To Make Changes

I had filed PIL in the supreme court to issue a writ of mandamus to Election commission of India which was withdrawn by my advocate on the first day of hearing as Hon. Supreme court judge suggested us to make some changes in representation sent to ECI and in this way the PIL was dismissed as withdrawn. The judgement says that-"The learned counsel for the petitioner seeks leave to withdraw this Public Interest Litigation. The Special Leave Petition is, accordingly, dismissed as withdrawn". Please tell me that in this condition, if ECI does not accept my modified representation, Will I be allowed to file PIL again in Supreme Court as I had read somewhere that one cannot file PIL on the same subject in Supreme Court again.

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Yes, it is true that no one can file PIL on the same subject before the Supreme Court. However, since the court asked you to rectify the PIL, you can file the PIL with the court on the grounds that you have made the changes asked by the court.

Answered on 22 Oct 2019

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