Ownership Of Land After Making House On Someone Else's Land

Can I own the land if I build my house in someone's land and live over more than 20 years without the objection of the owner? Can I register that land in my name and can I get the patta as well

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Aayushi Sang

  • Sector-1, Noida

If a person does not protest someone illegally occupying his property for 12 years, then the squatter would get ownership rights over that property, the Supreme Court has ruled. If a person proved actual, peaceful and uninterrupted possession of a property owned by another for more than 12 years, “a case of adverse possession can be held to be made out which, in turn, results in depriving the true owner of his ownership rights in the property and vests ownership rights of the property in the person who claims it“.

Answered on 19 Oct 2019

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