Online Fraud By Person Impersonating RBL Bank

I became a victim of Cyber Crime a few hours back. I hold a Credit Card through RBL Bank. I received a call around 6:45 PM from a person named Ankit Bharadwaj claiming to be calling from RBL Bank. He verified the transactions I did earlier and stated that the email ID is not updated on the system (I had received a prompt about this yesterday on the bank website too). He said he will get the same done and said he is generating a Google Verification Code. He asked for the Code to update the ID which I unsuspectingly shared. Immediately after there were 3 transactions done back to back for amounts 10000, 60000 and 5000 via Mobikwik. I immediately blocked my card thereafter and went to the closest police station, cybercrime police station and the bank reported the matter. What is my liability and what can be done?

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Apart from the criminal processes, Section 46 of the IT Act also provides for remedies against data theft, hacking, virus attacks and financial frauds covered under Chapter IX (S.43 to S.45) by filing an application before the adjudicating officer. Presently, the ad-hoc system of the secretary of the IT ministry acting as the said authority continues. This remedy has been very successfully availed of by victims of financial frauds.

Answered on 14 Oct 2019

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