Meaning Of Stay For Exhibit

Sir, I want to know the meaning of stay for exhibit, next process.

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Mohim Roy

Mohim Roy

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Exhibits are documents or files or evidence which are produced by parties in order to support their statements. Most of the times, they are a significant document attached to affidavits, declarations, lawsuits. However, they are not really evidence, they are principal facts, part of a case or significant attachments.

The term exhibit can vary from place to place. However, there are some common characteristics of exhibits,

1.Significant evidence or document

2. Often attached to affidavits, declaration lawsuits

3.linked to the main document

4.they can be opposed and objected just like any other pieces of evidence

5.produced before the court for an inspection

6.may be related to deposition Stay for Exhibit basically means the court has awaited the inspection of such document.

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Answered on 20 Jul 2019

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