Legal Action For Using University Name In Email ID

If there is an organization's name in my Gmail id, like the name of any organization Panskura Banamali College and my Gmail id noreply.****** Is it a crime? Can the agency Arnab University take any step against me?

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Harini S

Harini S

  • Sector-1, Noida

No, the university cannot take an action against you for creating email id under their name unless you conduct any illegal activities prohibited under the law on the name of the university. The university may file a cyber crime case against you, if you use the email id with the intention to conduct any cyber crime or defame the university name.

However, to check the legality you can consult a cyber crime lawyer in india.

Answered on 20 Feb 2019

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Advocate Utkarsh Joshi | Legistify

Advocate Utkarsh Joshi

  • Sector – 75, Noida, Noida
  • Noida

Interesting query. Theoretically, yes they can take action against you if you are using it without their permission. But generally, universities want to avoid bad publicity such an action will bring. Can the University sue you? Yes. Will it? Depends on the University.

Answered on 11 Jul 2019

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