Legal Action Against Father For Mental Abuse For Money

What action can I take against my father for mentally abusing me for money?

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Mohim Roy

Mohim Roy

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In criminal contexts, legal remedies for emotional abuse may include the issuing of a restraining order against the victim’s abuser or jail time for the abuser. Restraining orders are often issued in cases where emotional abuse is accompanied by physical violence. Courts generally look at the totality of the circumstances when determining legal remedies for criminal emotional abuse cases. You can consult a criminal lawyer to get a restraining order against your father.

In the civil context, emotional abuse often results in a damages award for the victim, which seeks to compensate the victim for their losses. This means that the victim will often be granted damages for expenses such as therapy sessions, medical costs, or time missed from work. Further, in family law cases, emotional abuse may be a determining factor in matters involving child custody, child support, and visitation times.

Answered on 16 Aug 2019

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