Legal Action Against Company For Fabricating Defamation Case

I have received a legal notice (over email that contains a stamp of India Post) from my ex-employer claiming I sent threatful emails, posted defamatory messages via email and live chat box of employer's client. My employer is now seeking liquidated damages for destroying his reputation, business with the client by sending these emails and messages. Everything mentioned in the notice is a fabricated story. I have not sent any emails, messages of any sort to my ex-employer or his client. It seems someone else has been sending these emails, messages using my name so my ex-employer believes I'm doing it but this is clearly not true. What I need is know is: 1. Can I reply on the Legal Notice via email explaining my stance? No money to pay for drafting legal notices. 2. If they still go ahead and file a case, can I fight my own case since I have no money to pay to lawyers or any other legal fee. I'm almost broke. 3. Just in case if they win the case I will be required to pay liquidated damages whatever the court decides. Since I have no money, will I be sent to jail for failing to pay the money? If yes, what's the maximum duration of jail term in such case? 4. Can I be sent to jail before the final court verdict somehow in such a case?

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It is better to send a legal reply to the notice that you can use later in case of a court proceeding. You can file a counter-case against the company for filing a false defamation case against you. Consult an employment lawyer to send a reply and file a case.

Answered on 20 Oct 2019

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