Legal Action After Compromise Done By Police Between Parties

I lodged a complaint in UP Police by dialing 100. The police came and made the compromise forcefully and let the accused go without taking any action and didn't provide the compromise letter. After that, I put the complaint in front of SSP but police closed the complaint stating that they have made the compromise so they will not take any action now. After that I filled 156/3, that also has been rejected by the court. Now can I file a case against the police? If yes, please let me know the process about that.

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Aayushi Sang

  • Sector-1, Noida

Out-of-court settlements are slowly becoming a common matter in our country. Police can resolve petty matters with settlement, but it has been observed that heinous and serious offences involving mental depravity or offences such as murder, rape and dacoity cannot be quashed even if the victim or the family of the victim have settled the dispute.

Answered on 12 Sep 2019

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