Laws Relating To Trespassing In India

I need help with filing a case for Trespassing and unauthorized encroachment by the residents of the Ground floor (a house which has 3 floors). I reside on the second floor of the property and the common area meant to be used only the upper floor residents is being illegally used by the owner of the ground floor. The terms are listed clearly in our property agreement and I would like to take the help of a lawyer to help me get justice. My question for now is: - What are the laws related to trespassing in India and can the offender be punished under the law? - How much time frame are we looking at to get justice?

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Dhriti Dewan

  • Sector-1, Noida

If the property agreement doesn't permit usage of the area by the ground floor residents, then you can lodge an FIR against them and afterwards, you can send a legal notice to them.

Answered on 19 Oct 2019

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