IT Form To Be Filed In Case Of Disability Pension And Shares Brokerage Commission

I am a retired disability pensioner of Indian Air Force. I am getting disability pension of Rs 3,20,000 (AY 20-21). But I started share brokerage on commission. I will get Rs 60000 as commission. I will get Rs 2,00,000 as interest on deposits. But I lost 3 lakh Rs in share trading. Which IT Form needs to be filled and whether I need to pay any advance tax? I will have a turnover in share trading F&O worth Rs 6 crore? Whether I need to be tax audited? Please let me know.

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You need to talk to a tax consultant in India for your requirement, who will assess your taxes and implement the necessary deductions for filing of your ITR.

Answered on 31 Mar 2020

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