Is Running A Playschool Considered As Commercial Activity?

Is running a playschool a commercial activity? Do I need to ask permission from any govt? authority to rent my apartment to run a playschool?

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Arshi Noor

Arshi Noor

  • Sector-1, Noida

Renting out an apartment is not a commercial activity. Pre-school is not a teaching activity or a commercial activity. In fact, a pre-school is a playschool. For pre-school, there are no standards, rules established by the government of Karnataka. The government doesn't even issue Licenses under Shops and Establishment act for Pre-Schools. The license under shops and establishment act is a basic license which is issued to your roadside corner tea shop or medical shop. But in the case of pre-schools, the government does not even issue such licenses. So the whole concept of licensing a pre-school does not exist. When there is no license, then that activity is not a commercial activity at all. So when the government has not formulated any rules or procedures for running a pre-school, it means you do not need any permission from the government, Not sure why are you asking permission from neighbours when the government itself does not regulate. Your neighbours are flat owners/ tenants with no special rights. Today within the walls of many flats, people are indulging in money lending, start-ups, professionals render services such as legal services, medical etc. So no worries at all.

Answered on 23 Mar 2020

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