Insurance Claim Pending Can I Repair My Building And Shift

I got my building insured some 7 years back. Due to landslide in the year 2014, my building suffered badly and the Government declared it unsafe. Though technically it is not unsafe. My insurance claim is pending before the court. Since till date, my claim has not been settled by the court. Can I repair my building and shift in it? If I repair and shift in the said building will it have any negative effect on my ongoing insurance claim?

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Aayushi Sang

  • Sector-1, Noida

Subsidence claims are usually complex and may involve lengthy and inconvenient investigations and repairs. Most household insurance policies, and some commercial property insurance policies, cover loss or damage caused by subsidence, heave and landslip.

They usually this means the cost of repairing damage to the building's superstructure is covered. But the cost of stopping the building from moving in the future isn’t cover the cost of repairing the loss or damage and not the cost of preventing further subsidence.

If the building is still moving, you’ll usually need to carry out work to stop the movement first to make sure that repairs are effective and will last for a reasonable period of time.

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Answered on 25 Jul 2019

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