How To Protect Domain Name From Cybersquatting?

I want to start my e-commerce site and I will need to buy a domain name .com and I have trademarked my company name, do I need to buy a domain name with all extensions. Are there chances of cyber squat?

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Dhriti Dewan

Dhriti Dewan

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The victims of cybersquatting can deal with it in the following ways:- Arbitration under ICANN’s rules, Trial in a State or Federal court. For a fast track form of resolution, a case could be filed with the registry handled by National Internet Exchange of India (NiXI). In India, the Information Technology Act, 2000 contains no provisions to punish cyber-squatters nor does it provide for any legal compensation but, the registry has taken steps to provide compensation to the victims.

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Answered on 05 Jul 2019

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