How To Obtain A Bail In A Rape Case Under IPC?

One of my friend(who is married) had an affair with a married lady and a lady got pregnant. Not sure is she pregnant from my friend or her own husband. Now she has filed FIR against my friend Section 376, 376(2)(n), 386, 420, 323, 504, 506. Our bail application got rejected, as the opposition lawyer argued that DNA examination is yet to be collected and strong chances of tempering. How can we get my friend out of bail? Is it filling charge sheet by police mandatory for getting bail?

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The bail application can definitely be filed by the accused after submission of charge sheet by the police on completion of their investigation. There is no restriction on the filing of bail application after charge sheet.

In fact, after the filing of the charge sheet, the chances of getting bail generally increase.

Answered on 20 Oct 2019

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