How To File Medical Negligence Complaint Against A Hospital?

I admitted my father in hospital on 18th September 2019 on the advice of an eminent doctor (10:00 am) for breathing discomfort. took him to the hospital directly from the doctor's clinic @ 1 pm. After formalities, the hospital took admission at 2 pm and said that they will keep him in HDU and shift to the room later, even though he was speaking and walking normally. They took him to HDU & after 30 mins announcement was made for attendant, as I rushed to HDU, I saw my father shaking and sweating dangerously, the doctor said that he is suspecting having heart attack, I asked to call cardiologist and treat urgently, they said Cardiologist is coming in few minutes, meanwhile 8 people tied father's hand with bed and took ECG etc and applied medication along with oxygen. After pleading with hospital, again and again, the cardiologist came at 5:15 pm, meanwhile hospital shifted him to ICU without any oxygen or support & kept him on ventilator support in ICU, after 5 minutes ICU doctor called me inside and said that patient was bought in ICU pulseless and bluish body and after my pleading and arrogance, they said they have successfully revived him . The hospital also didn't ask me to take my father to other specialized hospital and when I requested them for same, they said I can't take him as a condition is serious, It is worth mentioning again that I took my father to hospital properly normal, walking and speaking. At about 11 pm in the night, the hospital said that I can keep him in hospital overnight at my risk as they dont have cardiologist for the night and they will not take guarantee if anything happens in the night. They arranged a ventilator ambulance and I took him to another hospital, who admitted him but declared dead in 15 minutes. I suspect serious medical negligence by 1st hospital and that my father was already dead when he was shifted to ICU. Please help so that no one else suffers like me.

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Hospitals and deficiency in the services of hospitals come under the consumer Acts. If in case there is a deficiency in the services of the hospital you can file a consumer complaint against them. and If you want compensation you can ask the same also from the court. Consult our consumer case lawyers in India to file a case for medical negligence.

Answered on 15 Oct 2019

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