How To Deal With Forgery Case Filed Against Defence Personnel?

I am in Defence and have been busy with my ailing parents. The defence commitments framed a criminal case against me. I couldn't attend and surrender before the court on NBW. I had sent a letterhead of my boss but due to abovesaid situation, I signed on behalf of him which was found forged document in court and a case was done by the CMM judge and sent me in JC for few days. Can someone advise me how to get out of this case now?

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Advocate Kishan (Retd. Judge)

  • Malleswaram, Bengaluru
  • Bengaluru

Dear Sir, You have to move the High Court or Court of Marshall as the case may be through a well known criminal lawyer and get bail. You have no intention to cheat anybody or enrich financially. It is out of ignorance. The court will excuse you.

Answered on 28 Sep 2019

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Karishma Pandit

  • Sector-1, Noida

As you sent your boss's letterhead with his signature, it is an act of forgery. You need to hire a defence lawyer to defend yourself and explain the facts and circumstances to the court.

Answered on 26 Sep 2019

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