How To Deal With A False Section 376 IPC Rape Case?

My wife is filing a false Section 376 IPC Rape case against my father. What can I do to save him and fight the case?

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Mohim Roy

Mohim Roy

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In India, the best way is to get your criminal defence lawyer to negotiate with the other party especially if the case is false. If the case is false, it is obvious the other party only wants to make money otherwise there would be no reason to file a case. You can apply for anticipatory bail of you fear that you may be arrested on the false grounds.

Do not negotiate directly or make any call from your phone to the party, but ask your lawyer to negotiate.

If the false case was filed for something else, say revenge or malice - then it is most likely that with all the court visits and hearings the victim will soon find it difficult. If none of this work - then you have to confront evidence and argue in the court.

Answered on 14 Aug 2019

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