How Much Time Does Consumer Case Against Builder Take?

I purchased Villa plot and it is not completed as per the timelines and filed case in state consumer forum on 2018. As the builder not appointed any lawyer, several hearings the judge hs given orders. Court order has given on 9th Jan 2019. Directing the opposition part to pay the amount + 18% interest within 90 days Opposition party not paid the amount as directed by the court and not responded, so we submitted an application to initiate the sec 27. Court has asked to handover the summons to Opposition party and asked to report to the court on 11 Dec 2019 Opposition lawyer represented the opposition party first time and asked for time. A judge has given a date for 29-Jan-20 and serve a show-cause notice The OP lawyer asked for 2 weeks time the case was scheduled for the second week of Feb 2020. Please let me know how long this case will go? How many times the OP party can ask for dates? If the Judge orders for Sec 27 what will happen.

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Each case has its own unique process. Thus, mentioning a time in a consumer complaint would not be possible.

Answered on 31 Mar 2020

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