GST To Be Paid On Commercial Under Construction Property

I purchased a commercial shop in gaur city, Noida extension on 24th Nov 2017, the construction of same started after that. The payment plan was 50-50. I paid 50 per cent in Nov 2017. And now in Jan 2020, I am due to pay remaining 50 per cent. The issue is that during my first payment of 50 per cent builder charged me 12 per cent GST, but he gave me a GST benefit of 6.6 per cent so overall I paid 5.4 per cent GST. Now he has sent me a demand letter for remaining 50 per cent payment with 12 per cent GST, But this time he is not passing GST benefit to me. Kindly advise. How to deal with this case

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  • Sector-1, Noida

The new tax rate of 1% for affordable houses and 5% for others, without ITC, will apply on new projects.

Answered on 15 Mar 2020

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