False Pictures Submitted By A Person In Office

If a person clicks my pictures without my permission and submits it to my workplace for spoiling my name, but there's nothing truth behind that pics, what should I do?

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Aayushi Sang

Aayushi Sang

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Yes, you may be able to force the trash-talker to pay for ruining your reputation under your state’s “Defamation of Character” laws.

Defamation of character is a false statement that harms a reputation. There are different kinds of defamation and different rules about who can be sued for making false statements. Defamation of character happens when someone “publishes” a false statement about you that causes you harm.

“Publishes” means the false statement is shared with someone other than you, either verbally, in writing, or pictures. There are generally two types of defamation: slander and libel.

Slander is a spoken false statement about you. If a false statement is made about you by an individual, or a radio, television, or podcast announcer, the statement may be slanderous.

Libel is a written false statement about you and can appear in print, emails, social media, photographs, videos, or other type of visual content. Memes and cartoons depicting harmful false statements may be libellous.

Answered on 18 Dec 2019

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