Divorce From Wife For Physical Abuse, Mental Torture And Threat

I got married 6.5 years ago. My wife abuses my parents, takes my entire salary, and physically abuses me. If I retaliate, she beats me and my daughters and threatens to consume poison if I any legal action. I am humiliated everyday and she has physically hurt me and my daughters. What can I do? I'm suffering every day.

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Aayushi Sang

  • Sector-1, Noida

Mutual divorce is the best, most convenient and expeditious mode to dissolve the marriage. However, for this, the consent of both spouses is required. if one of them refuses to go for it then filing contested suit for divorce remains the only mode to break the marriage. Such a divorce suit takes a lot of time. If your wife is not ready to give you divorce then you can file a contested divorce petition through a divorce lawyer in India.

Answered on 12 Sep 2019

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Advocate Suneel Moudgil

  • Judicial Complex, Panipat
  • Panipat

If you want to terminate the matrimonial knot, then, try to settle the matter amicably with your wife involving elders/relatives/friends etc and go for Mutual Consent Divorce which will be decided in 6-18 months, and you both will be free to live life with your wish, if failed, you have one another option to file contested divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty (abusing parents, beating you and daughter) but it will take around 4-6 years. Also, once you file contested divorce she will surely file/claim: 498a complaint Domestic Violence case and maintenance, so be ready for them too.

Answered on 14 Sep 2019

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