Debt Recovery Notice Received By Non-Shareholder Director In Pvt Ltd Company

My father was a non-shareholder director in a Pvt ltd company. Though he was the director of the company he never took any money from the company as the main owner was his nephew. After 2008, he left the company for some internal clash with his nephew. But the company did not remove his name from the director list which my father was not aware of. Now in 2019, the owner of the company (main director) died and the company is almost insolvent. Now A company claim 1 cr rupees which provide raw material in 2015 and they send a notice to all director to pay back their money. What step should my father take in this matter?

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You can simply talk to a corporate law advocate and send a counter-notice to the notice you have received from the company.

Answered on 07 Sep 2019

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