Consumer Complaint Against Faulty Car Engine

My Ford Ecosport car's engine was changed 3 times. Now I want my money back or a replacement car. How to do it?

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Shagun Srivastava

Shagun Srivastava

  • Sector-1, Noida

We all are well aware of the excitement that a person gets when he purchases his dream car. The moment he looks at his soon to be ride fills his mind with thrill and happiness. The wait from booking your car and getting its keys in your hand might be of few days but for the owner, it seems like it is an eternity. He bought a new car from it was his first car so the amount of happiness and excitement was not expressible. When he got his new set of wheels he decided to take it on a long drive just as anyone would do. After all, it’s the result of one’s hard work. You can file the case against them in consumer forum.

Answered on 23 Mar 2020

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