Complaint Against Business Partners For Spreading Fake Rumours

How to file a complaint against a business partner who is spreading rumours about my other female business partner and I among clients and family?

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Team Legistify

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If it's a rumour that's not causing any harm to anyone, you can simply talk to your business partner about the same and resolve the issue. In case you want to take legal action against that person, you can file an FIR under section 505 (1) of IPC along with section 499 of IPC for defamation and harming your reputation.

Answered on 13 Sep 2019

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Advocate Suneel Moudgil

  • Judicial Complex, Panipat
  • Panipat

if it's a rumour and causing harassment to you, then, it's surely causing harassment to the other business partner (female) also. You are advised to ask the other female business partner to lodge a police complaint against him for spreading fake rumours which are offensive in nature. If she is not willing to act, you can file a case of defamation against the business partner,

Answered on 14 Sep 2019

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