CCTV Footage As Proof When Extra Cash Paid By Bank To Customer

I am working in a Public sector bank in officer cadre. On 6th Sept, one 3rd party came to receive payment through cheque. The a/c was of some club association and the person who came was their one of the members. Our cashier mistakenly entered 30000 instead of 3000 and the same amount of cash been handed to the person but at the backside, the denomination was clearly mentioned and was signed by that person after receiving. Now, the person is claiming that why their account has been debited with 30000 instead of 3000 and claiming their deducted amount to the earliest. In CCTV footage, it is cleared that he has received 500 notes in large volume. After receiving cash, he instantly put the remaining extra cash in his back pocket. We have tried to ask a few customers about that club people and as per information, they are kind of drunkards and cheaters. Cashier and I both are in serious condition and even the manager is not trying to help us. Can this CCTV footage be used as evidence for money recovery?

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You can use the footage as evidence. As per the Indian Evidence Act, the CCTV footage will be considered as the primary evidence and the same can be admissible before the court. With the help of footage, you can lodge the FIR and recover the money. Consult a recovery lawyer in India to get the money back.

Answered on 14 Sep 2019

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