Can I Repair My Property If Status Quo And Injunction Order Passed?

Can I repair my property if status quo and injunction is there and the condition of our house is too bad and the municipal corporation noticed me to repair it?

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Shagun Srivastava

Shagun Srivastava

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It means that the court has ordered that the present condition be maintained and no change etc., be done. If there will be any alteration or change in the property after the order of status quo then contempt of court proceedings can be initiated. Firstly there are two types of Injunction-

1: Temporary Injunction,

2: Perpetual/Permanent Injunction.

Temporary injunctions, as the name suggests, are the injunctions that are given for a specific period of time or until the court gives further order regarding the matter in concern. They can be obtained during any stage of the trial and are regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), 1908[3].

A permanent injunction can be granted by the court by passing a decree made at the hearing and upon the merits of the suit. Once such decree is passed, the defendant is permanently prohibited from the assertion of a right, or from the commission of an act, which would be contrary to the rights of the plaintiff.

So my suggestion for you will be that you check with your order first whether its permanent injunction or temporary and then take any further steps of repair else you will be in trouble.

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Answered on 22 Jul 2019

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