Can Ex-Girlfriend Be Held Liable For Abetment Of Suicide Of Stalker Boyfriend?

I have a friend of mine who is getting married next month (arranged marriage). She has had 2 broken relationships in the past. Initially, during her college days, she was in a relationship with a guy for 5 years (not a live-in and no physical relationship involved). They promised each other of getting married like every other couple but after some days, she felt they can't be a good pair and thought of breaking up with him. She broke up with him and started liking her best friend and went into a relationship with him in a week. They really thought of getting married and promised each other but this relationship broke after 1.5 years. She then thought it is best to go with her parents' decision and agreed for the match her parents got her. She is not disturbing either of the guys in any way and is in the thought of leading her life. Unfortunately, the first guy has been after her even after the breakup. Every time she clearly told him she is no more interested, he threatened to commit suicide many times. Please give advice on below points in detail: 1. What happens if either of the guys commits suicide writing her name in the suicide note now/after her marriage. 2. In the above situation what will be considered as abetment. Will Indian law consider any of the reasons as abetment because when a person does not like to be in a relationship then they break up since there is no one mistake in it. 3. She is hoping nothing as such to happen and is wishing a good life for both of them but in case If any of the guys commit suicide then how will the proceedings be handled. Can her name and identity be kept at dignity and the case be handled because it will be a problem if her in-laws and every extended family know this?

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  1. If either of the guys commits suicide, the girl wouldn't be responsible for their death as the girl has nothing to do with their death.
  2. This is not a case of abetment as the girl didn't instigate, encourage or promote the other person to commit an offence.
  3. There won't be any proceedings in the first place.

Answered on 27 Sep 2019

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