Can Children Claim Share In Father's Property After Divorce?

My father divorced my mother 20 years ago. Now, he has another family, with 2 children. My mom has 2 children including me. Do we have the right to ask our share on his property, and if he is not giving, is there any legal action to ask the same?

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Advocate Suneel Moudgil

  • Judicial Complex, Panipat
  • Panipat

You can claim your property by way of filing a civil suit for partition of the property. Divorce does not affect your rights in father's property.

Answered on 14 Sep 2019

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Saachi Khurana

  • Sector-1, Noida

After divorce as well, both daughter and son has right over father's property. Under the law the children have right on the property of the father until and unless if there is any document signed for the same that after divorce the children can not acquire any right on the property.

Answered on 03 Sep 2019

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