Can An Employer Cap Leave Encashment Days?

My employer email in the month of April that from this date leave encashment will be done only for 45 days and the rest of the leave will lapse after 30 April 2022. In September 2019, he told me to resign from my post at a certain number of days of the notice period and in full and final settlement only 45 days were mention in leave encashment were as I have 90 days of earned leave. Can an employer cap leave encashment for 'N' number of days?

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The employer has the right to alter its leave encashment policies. Although everything depends on the terms mentioned in the old policy which the company followed. I would suggest that you take a closer look on the old policy or get a lawyer to properly examine it. Based on that you will have a right to go against your employer in court.

Answered on 15 Oct 2019

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