Can An Army Case Be Reopened After 14 Years?

If any case of Army has been closed for 14 years, then you can run the case again.

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Aayushi Sang

Aayushi Sang

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Yes, an army case can be reopened after 14 years but it depends upon the case as well. If there are several grounds then, in that case, a person can reopen a case even after 14 years.

For example: In the proceedings under Section 22 by not supplying the copies of statements in earlier court of Inquiry:

(i) during General Court Martial by not giving assistance of a defending officer of his choice.

(ii) not providing him load which was already sanctioned to manage a new counsel as the earlier counsel engaged by him had retired for no fault of the petitioner.

(iii) by not providing him the documents for which he had made a request to the convening authority long before the assembly of the Court Martial and for which his counsel had also made a request.

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Answered on 09 Jul 2019

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