Brother Not Vacating Property After 32 Years Of Living On It

I have a land in Nagpur in my name, but I left the city in 1986. Since then, my brother is residing on the property with his family and my parents. Now, I want to live on my property after retirement, but my brother is not vacating the property or paying any amount. What can I do? Is this a case of adverse possession?

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Saachi Khurana

  • Sector-1, Noida

If the property is under the name of the parents then both the brother have right on the same property. But if property is under your name and you lent brother and parents to stay on the same property then you have full rights to stay on that property. If a brother is not leaving the land then you can send a legal notice and file a suit against him in the court with the help of a property lawyer in India.

Answered on 18 Sep 2019

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