Bank Claiming House Which We Bought After Clearing Seller's Mortgage

We bought a mortgaged house in Bangalore by clearing the owner's loan in a co-operative Bank and later the bank never gave us the original paper. Later, we forcefully got the house registered in our name and Katha changed. But now other Banks are trying to claim on that property we are really tensed we are too new to this and worried I request you to guide me at least a bit so that I will no what my next step should be.

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Ayaskanta Parida

  • Sector-1, Noida

You can, first of all, make a complaint to the bank ombudsman of the co-operative bank as to why you never got the original paper in the first place. The fact that you forcefully registered the house makes the situation tricky but you might have to present the circumstances you were in which led you to take such a decision.

Answered on 12 Feb 2020

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Advocate Moizuddin Ali Ahmed

  • Chatta Bazaar, Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad

You need to appear in all the cases where other banks are putting forth their claim, and you need to explain your side, and if you do not appear, the case will be set ex parte and the decision will be given in your absence.

Answered on 16 Feb 2020

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