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In Jan 2015,I applied for a mobile connection (post paid.I submitted a security of Rs 3000 for the connection.After approx. one year of poor services I decided to discontinue it and did not pay the bill in that month.They contacted me over the phone and reminded me that I haven’t paid my bill, I told them I do not wish to continue the service and they might as well disconnect it.They told that I would have to settle the bills for that.I told them that they already have a security lying with them and could deduct the amount from that.Till that point of time the bill had not exceeded the security amount. But even after my informing them about my wish to discontinue their services they did not cut the connection and the bill crossed the security limit. After some time they disconnected and asked for the amount of approx. 4000 Rs. that I declined to pay.Now they have sent me a notice (which does not look like a legal notice) via a legal agency asking me to pay the amount within 3 weeks or face legal action.What legal actions they might undertake?What should be my response to their most likely legal action?

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It seems that you have not intimated them properly in writing about your intention to discontinue the services. If, you have written to them in writing and if you are having the served/acknowledged copy of the letter you can contest the case and prove your case, other wise it is difficult to defend your case they can move the court for recovery of the dues from you.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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