Legal Remedy against encroachment of Property

How To Get The Property Of An NRI Back Which Has Been Facing Property Encroachment Issues?What are the documents required to establish the right on the property?

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Remedies are available under section 5 and 6 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963. A person who is dispossessed from his property can get possession on the basis of title and may recover possession merely by proving previous possession and subsequent wrongful dispossession.To establish right on the property the owner or a person claiming possession must have documents such as the title deeds, jamabandis, mutation/ intkal, copy of the Will (if any) where the property has been inherited by way of a Will, original purchase agreement/sale deed, electricity bills, water bills and telephone bills etc.Keep all payment receipts, cheques, bank drafts (if any) paid to the sellers and annual property tax receipts.In addition to the Specific Relief Act, proceedings can also take place under section 145 of the Criminal Procedure Code. In states like Punjab, the Government has taken steps such as setting up of NRI police stations where a person who apprehends trespassing or wrongful dispossession can lodge a written complaint. In fact, a written complaint can be sent to the Superintendent of Police (SP) by way of registered post. Even if the SP fails to respond, a private complaint in the court can be filed through an advocate and the case can then be pursued through a special power of attorney (a relative or a close friend) where it is difficult for the owner to be present in India.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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